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Authorized Representative

Authorized Representative (AR)

What is it?

A person designated by the consumer (recipient) who will assist consumer (recipient) with selecting, interviewing, scheduling, and directing the personal care attendants in collaboration with the consumer. This person cannot be a personal care attendant worker employed by GSIL, nor can they have any financial relationship with another home health agency providing intermediary services or have any financial interest in GSIL.

How can it Help?

All consumers under the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) program, can assign an Authorized Representative (AR) to assist with selection, directing, or scheduling attendant care employees (ACE) with you (the consumer). The appointment of an AR can be revoked at any time by either party (the consumer or AR). The RN Coordinator will assure the contact information is updated at a minimum, on an annual basis at the time of the Care Plan renewal unless changes occur prior.  The responsibilities of the AR is to assist with tasks identified by consumer and does not give the AR authority to make decisions for consumer. Some tasks may include but limited to:

Who Can Be An AR?

Any person that you as the consumer identify can be an AR as long it is NOT a PCA working for you, nor can be anyone with a financial relationship with GSIL or any other home care agency.

If you would like to learn more please contact your RN Coordinator to discuss.