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What is I&R:

Information and Referral is the practice of bringing people and services together.  Community Information and Referral providers, such as GSIL, connect people with resources that can help them live their lives as independently as possible.

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Who Uses I&R:

Anyone can use and benefit from speaking with an Information & Referral Coordinator throughout the course of their lives.  Issues, questions and solutions are as diverse as those seeking assistance .  When individuals, families and other community partners don’t know where to turn, I&R is there for them.  When they have questions, and need answers often they do not know where to begin, so they may not get the assistance they require, or they may waste a lot of time searching through various websites or calling multiple places with mixed results. 

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With I&R they receive the information they need in one simple step.   Here are some examples of the types of  questions with regards to resources I&R may be able to assist with such as home care,  housing options, obtaining adaptive equipment for their home or vehicle; how they can sign up for public benefits, education and training, transportation, employment, emergency shelters, disaster services, mental health assistance, financial aid, senior care, volunteer opportunities, relocation and much more.   

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At GSIL our I&R department creates and maintains a  database of services and shares that information with those that call.  People may receive assistance via the telephone and in-person office visits.  A trained, I&R Coordinator will assess their needs to help understand their situation. The services they provide are free, and confidential!


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