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Nursing Facility Transition to Home

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Would you like to move back into your home or community? Do you have a loved one in a nursing facility or nursing home that wants to come home? Are you working with someone who has expressed the desire to explore their community-based options?
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A nursing facility transition program may allow you to live somewhere other than a nursing home. You could move to your own home or apartment. Granite State Independent Living offers many services that open doors to independence throughout New Hampshire.

Nursing facility transition services include:

  • Education and outreach to organizations, individuals and families who are interested in learning about community-based options
  • Individual assessments in order to develop a person centered care plan
  • Long-term counseling to assist with making informed choices about services
  • Service coordination
  • Life skills training
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We are known for our ability to create consumer directed support options. Given our internal staffing expertise, geographic capacity, and ongoing engagement with innovative support service models, GSIL is strongly positioned to successfully help you transition back into the community.

Make a referral today or contact us to learn more about how we can help you transition out of a nursing facility or nursing home.

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