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Information & Referral

Information & Referral

Information and Referral (I&R) is the art, science, and practice of bringing people and services together by providing unbiased information about available community-wide resources and services.

The Information and Referral Specialist assesses your needs, evaluates appropriate resources, identifies organizations capable of meeting those needs, providing enough information about each organization to help you make an informed choice.

The issues, questions and solutions are as diverse as those seeking assistance. This may include personal/home care services, education, benefits counseling, housing, transportation, employment, emergency shelters, mental health assistance, new community orientation and much, much more.

Those needing help often do not know where to begin, so they may not get the assistance they require, or they may waste a lot of time searching through various websites or calling multiple places with mixed results. With I&R they receive the information they need in one simple step.

Our Information and Referral Specialists follow a process that includes:


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