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Changes to payroll pay dates

Payroll Schedule

GSIL is a Biweekly employer and strongly encourages all ACE’s to complete the direct deposit form to ensure payroll is automatically deposited in a bank account of their chosen.

Telephonic Time Sheets

Ankota is GSIL’s Time & Attendance program
GSIL has implemented an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system, Ankota, to comply with a Federal rule, set forth by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid for all Medicaid providers. This system needs to electronically record: the type of service performed; the individual receiving the service; the date of the service; the location of service delivery; the individual providing the service; and the time the service begins and ends.

To ensure compliance, GSIL has created an Ankota guide to provide you with an overview of Ankota and assist you in managing your services & your Attendant Care Employees (ACE). In addition, please reference the Attendant Care Employee Handbook, which also outlines Ankota.

Consumer Instructions for Travel

All ACEs that travel from one consumer’s home directly to another consumer’s will be paid their travel time. Acceptable mode of travel can be car, public transportation or walking.

How does this work and what do you need to know?

Billing Consumers for Hours Policy

GSIL’s consumer directed programs are based on the understanding that the consumer and/or their authorized representative (PCA program) or personal care representatives (PCSP program) direct and manage their personal care program(s) and by extension will abide by GSIL’s Policies and Procedures. These policies include the agreement that:

In accordance with GSIL’s “No Bill Policy”, any hours submitted to GSIL that are not able to be billed to Medicaid or Managed Care Organization, will result in the consumer being notified in writing of the first occurrence. If a second occurrence of No Bill time takes place, the time paid out to your employee will be billed to you and GSIL will expect you to pay this amount. If this occurs any additional time, GSIL may proceed with termination of services.

Consumer Payroll Summary Report 

A summary report of hours worked by employee, per consumer is generated from the payroll management system on a weekly basis. A copy of this report is then mailed or emailed to you. As the consumer, it is your responsibility to review this:

If you find any discrepancies please notify the payroll department.

The following is a sample Timesheet Approval Report: