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Peer Mentoring and Support

Peer Mentoring and Support

This program is offered to GSIL consumers who participate in our PCA/PCSP consumer-directed programs.  It is designed and offered to assist individuals with a disability to network and interact with their mentor who has been through their own traumatic loss and successfully navigated through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and adapting/adjusting/ accepting. These individuals can truly meet their peer at a unique level that many able-bodied individuals cannot.

Peer Mentor Program offers:


What is Peer Mentoring? 

Peer mentoring is a relationship between an individual with a similar disability who has lived successfully through specific life experiences (peer mentor) and now wants to aid another individual with a disability who wants to make their own successful adjustment and transition back into the mainstream community, at whatever level that might be for them.

Mentoring evolved with the belief that persons with disabilities who are living independently can be successful with reaching their own personal goals and dreams and be actively involved in their community. They can act as wonderful role models for a peer, newly injured, newly diagnosed or someone who may be aging with a disability and needs support with practical advice for doing Activities of Daily Living.   If a Mentor doesn’t have an answer for a peer, they will connect the peer with GSIL for additional assistance.



Peer Support is a system of giving and receiving support, information and guidance founded on the key principles of respect, shared responsibility and mutual agreement;  when people use their own experiences to help each other.

The peer support group at GSIL is where colleagues, consumers and others meet, in person or online, as equals to give each other connection and support on a reciprocal basis.


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