Transportation - Gsil



GSIL offers a number of different transportation programs depending on your needs and eligibility

Transportation Reimbursement Program (TRP)

Program qualified consumers find and pay upfront their own rides either via bus, taxi, Uber, or private car and is reimbursed up to $100 per month.

GSIL Van Transportation

Program qualified consumers using GSIL vehicles and drivers are able to attend social outings such as shopping, movies, visiting friends or family going to the beach, mountains, out to dinner or any other place you want to go within New Hampshire.

Do I qualify for TRP or Van transportation

Fee for Service

Consumer pays out of pocket for van services. These rides are not restricted to NH only


Rides are set up using the appropriate Medicaid Broker

How do I contact you about receiving Transportation Services?  

Call: 603.228.9680 or 1-800-826-3700

How to Schedule a Ride

Email[email protected]