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Going Over the Edge

To support our GSIL’s Team of Edgers Dave Qualey, Mo Baxley & Mark Race CLICK HERE .

GSIL is Going Over the Edge!  Granite United Way’s annual fundraiser, “Over the Edge” is back, and so are we!  On June 25th we have a team of 3 individuals that are willing to rappel down the outside of the 300’ tall Brady Sullivan Tower to help us raise money for GSIL. Yes, you read that right! They will be rappelling down the outside of one of the tallest buildings in NH!

Our “Edgers” includes staff member Mo Baxely, board member Dave Qualey and retired staff  Mark Race, a peer mentor living with paraplegia. It takes just a minute to read why they were inspired to make a difference.  These individuals are willing to do something that most of us would never think of doing – to help raise money for GSIL! So don’t let their effort be in vain. Let’s do all we can to help them raise as much money as possible.

Teams of 3 will “jump in” and help us raise funds!  Check out our page on the Granite United Way’s event’s website!


“I recently joined Granite State Independent Living as the new Advocacy Director. I am a former member of the NH House of Representatives and have been a board/staff member of numerous organizations both locally and nationally. What drew me to GSIL’s mission is the opportunity to collaborate with members of the disabilities community to ensure their voices are heard. I am happy to now be a part of that team! When not working I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking and kayaking with my rescue dog Kermit.”

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“I am participating in Over the Edge to benefit GSIL because they provide tremendous support to people living with disabilities. I am a current and past Board Member at GSIL and other disability organizations.  GSIL’s mission resonates with me because my son lives with Cerebral Palsy, and as a Certified Mobility Consultant for over 20 years at Mobility Works (accessible vehicles), I work with people with disabilities every day, so it really makes sense for me to help raise awareness – and funds, to help bring independence to the lives of NH citizens.”

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“My goal as a man who happened to have a spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia and now a wheelchair user – was to share my knowledge and educate through my own experiences to those with new spinal cord injuries,  so that they might avoid some of the pitfalls  I happened to fall into and to assist with navigating this new life. I firmly believe that GSIL provided me with peers and resources so that I could continue to grow my life. Your life does not stop, unless you want it to.  You can get what you want out of life, or you can just get old.  With the proper resources and Mentors, it can become a very fulfilling and rewarding life in which thriving and the word “normal” becomes real and dreams and goals can still become obtainable!!

I’ve been associated with GSIL, the State of N.H.’s Independent Living Center, since 1988 and was a full-time employee since 1990. Though I retired from GSIL in 2022, I continue to be a peer mentor, advocate and active listener for the disability community.”

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man on handicapped bike

Consumer Success Story

After a recent spinal cord injury resulted in paraplegia, Kevin’s life soon changed. The staff at GSIL worked closely with him through his rehabilitation, offering resources, peer support and mentoring as well as assisting him in networking with his community to set goals. Kevin obtained 2 accessible vehicles, had his own apartment and sat on several different disability related committees. He participated in barrier.

free recreation and peer support groups. With some guidance from GSIL staff, Kevin obtained a hand cycle through Challenge Athletes Foundation. In the fall of 2019, he did the research to find an accessible subsidized apartment. He spoke with his employer about a transfer in jobs to the franchise in the city to which he was moving. He now had a job waiting for him as well!