Fraud, Waste and Abuse

GSIL has adopted policies and procedures to prevent, detect, deter, and correct fraud, waste, and abuse in accordance with federal and state laws, such as the Federal False Claims Act and the NH False Claims Act, prohibit false claims and other fraudulent activity. Violations of these laws can result in civil actions and penalties. Other laws and regulations governing the integrity of the Medicaid/Medicare Programs are in place to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Civil actions and penalties can be brought against the individual committing the crime and the organization. Actions may include loss of all federal/state assistance to the individual committing the crime or allowing the crime to take place.

If you know or suspect activity of this nature, it must be reported immediately to Compliance or the hotline. If you are uncertain whether an activity is fraudulent, reach out to Compliance or the hotline. We do not discriminate or retaliate against any whistleblower, who files in good faith, a report for false claims or participates in a GSIL investigation.

→ GSIL takes all reports of fraud seriously, completes an internal investigation and cooperates with the office of the New Hampshire Attorney General←

Examples of false claims include:

Reporting Compliance Concerns

Granite State Independent Living’s Compliance and Ethics Hotline is a simple, confidential, risk-free method for us to report compliance concerns.

Your concerns can be reported by:

The Compliance and Ethics Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is hosted by a third party to ensure the integrity of compliance and ethics reporting. Calls and web reports are not recorded, and confidentiality is protected up to the limits of the law and to the greatest extent possible. You are encouraged to submit reports relating to violation, misconduct, or areas of concern, as well as asking for guidance related to policies and procedures and providing positive suggestions and stories. Some concerns may be referred to Human Resources.

You should report concerns and suspected misconduct that could violate state or federal laws or GSIL’s policies.
Maintaining the high ethical standards of GSIL is everyone’s responsibility. If we become aware of or suspect a situation that might jeopardize the ethical integrity of our organization, it is our obligation to report the circumstances.

This means we:

These duties apply to all of us, including employees, board members, consumers, providers, students, vendor representatives, and independent contractors while carrying out their duties at or on behalf of GSIL.


Every consumer has different boundaries. What one person is comfortable with or thinks is appropriate may not be what someone else considers appropriate. It is important to talk about boundaries with any new ACE.