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What is Consumer Direction


The term “Consumer Direction” describes a program that offers maximum choice, individual empowerment, independence, and control for people with disabilities who use services and other supports to help with activities of daily living. It helps people of all ages with all types of disabilities maintain their independence at home by choosing the services and supports that work best for them. It is living life on your terms.

Consumer Direction is a national term for programs that are designed to help consumer with their needs.

Consumer Direction is also referred to as “Self Determination” or “Independent Living”.

Under a consumer directed model, the person with the disability is the “driver” of their services, making all decisions that affect their care in accordance with GSIL requirements.  Consumers choose who they want for an Attendant Care Employee (ACE) to work with them. This will include but not limited to interviewing, hiring, training, managing, supervising and dismissing their ACE.

On a consumer directed program, YOU are able to determine a schedule that suits your needs.

You have the 4 W’s:

Who: You choose who come into your home and provides you services

When:  You choose what day and time your attendant care worker will come in and provide you the services you need.

What:  You choose what tasks will be completed in accordance with the Medicaid regulations

Where:  You choose where services will be provided; I.E. home, work or school