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Information for Consumers

Consumer Status Change Form

The Consumer Skills Training Manual – This is the consumer skills training manual for consumers in the Consumer Directed Program. This manual is a comprehensive guide with information, tips and training for running your program.

Complaint/Conciliation Policy and Procedure

How To File A Complaint/Grievance

Medicaid Fraud Information

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Resource Guide

What’s New?

ACE April 2020 News Letter

Fall 2019 News Letter

60 Day Non-Medical Transportation Memo – Effective April 1, GSIL will pay for Approved Non-medical Transportation for those workers who will be transporting their consumer in the community as part of the Consumer’s CFI (PCSP and HCSP) approved plan of care. GSIL will be paying $6.50 per one-way trip or $13.00 round trip. This additional payment is considered taxable wages. As such, Federal withholding taxes, FICA, and Medicare taxes will be withheld from the wage amount and will be included in their pay. Click the link for more eligibility information.

GSIL Peer Mentor Program

Wheelchair Health in Motion (WHIM):

Why Not Consider Continuing Education –  GSIL now opens the door for consumers to obtain to an affordable college opportunity through College for America! Click here to view our Education, Computers and Technology Resource Guide.

The Consumer Comment/Suggestion Form – GSIL is interested in your opinion! Submit advice, offer opinions or ask us questions.

Our GSIL Newsletter – A quarterly newsletter titled “Personal Care Connections” dedicated to our consumers and attendant care workers. This newsletter contains some great information, articles and insight into the happenings as GSIL. A must read!

Health and Wellness – Articles pertaining to health and wellness, with a variety of topics we will be bringing consumers every other month. If you have specific requests regarding what you would like us to cover, please use the Comment and Suggestion form or call your service coordinator to let them know.

Information Booklets: