GSIL Works From the Heart

In 2019, Marie woke up with a crushing pain in her chest. She staggered through the bedroom and called 911.

Diagnosed with a life-threatening aortic dissection, she had a stroke during surgery and now relies on using a wheelchair to get around.

Once home from the hospital, Marie discovered her bathroom was too small to fit her wheelchair. Showering was especially difficult.

A family friend made a makeshift ramp out of sheet metal.

Still, Marie required assistance to maneuver the tight space. Once inside the shower stall, there wasn’t enough room to turn her wheelchair around. She was forced to use the kitchen sink for basic hygiene needs like washing her face and brushing her teeth.

For the next three years, she contacted agency after agency. She asked for assistance, but no one could provide what she needed.

Then she met Cheryl from Granite State Independent Living.

Within a few weeks, Cheryl organized a bathroom remodel.

They created a pocket door to save space.

They built a roll-in shower to accommodate Marie’s wheelchair.

At first glance, these sound like simple solutions—little more than a gliding door and a smooth floor.

Yet they restored something powerful to Marie.

They gave her back her dignity. They allowed her privacy for a long, hot shower—one she’d waited three years to take.

Now, Marie’s bathroom is full of scented candles and pretty towels. It is a space where she relaxes, unwinds, and continues to heal.

“At Granite State Independent Living, they work from the heart, not just for a paycheck.”

Want to learn more about the programs offered by Granite State Independent Living? Head over to or call 603-228-9680.


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