“IMPACCT helped me get back on track.”

For the most part, Jacob was a good student. Throughout elementary and middle school, he sailed through classes. It felt easy.

Yet high school was a different story.

He had a hard time focusing.

Math was especially hard.

In his senior year, Jacob lost the confidence to catch up in class. He was behind academically and having a hard time socially. Getting a high school diploma felt nearly impossible.

He started to skip school. It all felt pointless to him.

Through his guidance counselor, Jacob learned about Granite State Independent Living’s IMPACCT program.

IMPACCT is dedicated to helping students with IEPs/504 Plans navigate high school. The team provides a smaller setting for students to learn, so they can reengage with their education and understand the lifelong value of a degree.

In other words, IMPACCT makes graduation accessible for kids like Jacob.

When Jacob described his transition IMPACCT, his voice relaxed. He smiled easily as he talked about finding a safe place to learn.

“They really understand the different ways people think.”

After six months with the IMPACCT program, Jacob completed all the credits he needed to graduate.

When the day came, he accepted his diploma with pride.

Unfortunately, Jacob’s story is not a new story. Kids throughout New Hampshire have a hard time managing the demands of high school. Lacking enough support, they resort to skipping—or worse, dropping out altogether.

Granite State Independent Living is committed to providing students like Jacob regain their footing academically.

Today, Jacob works for a large medical company. He has an apartment. He is grateful for the opportunity IMPACCT gave him to reach his full potential.

“IMPACCT helped me get back on track. They gave me a chance.”

Want to learn more about the programs offered by Granite State Independent Living? Head over to www.gsil.org or call 603-228-9680.

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